When Only the Bad Guys are Armed

competitive marksmanshipSeveral days ago, as the news inundated us with updates, we know the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado suffered from the sinister planning of a Bad Guy. In speaking with an acquaintance of mine about this, I offered that if everyone were armed, the Bad Guy would not have fired as many as 70 rounds. This acquaintance’s thinking, the thinking of a person frightened of firearms, responded with, “if everyone were armed, they would all start shooting at once and a lot more than 70 rounds would be fired.” I took the opportunity to educate and inform. Let’s ALL do that: educate and inform. Remember the Cardinal Rules of Safety? Always treat a weapon as if it is loaded. Never touch the trigger of your firearms unless you are aimed in on your target and you are prepared to neutralize your threat. Know your target. Know what is beyond your target. I ran down these basic fundamentals of safety and honed in on the fact that, when a law abiding person secures a weapon and the inherent licenses, they also acquire training. A law abiding shooter knows that in a dark theatre, when you cannot see the bad guy (your target), you do not shoot. Or, if you clearly see the Bad Guy but are not sure who is behind or beyond this target, you do not shoot. So, how would law abiding citizens who arm themselves with education, information and a firearm respond in a darkened space? Those closest would physically take down, detain, restrain, and stop the Bad Guy. Why are we so afraid? When I used to compete and travel on the airlines for pistol matches, I carried my gun case with me. The weapons traveled unloaded, but to lose that case in checked in luggage as opposed to my suitcase of underwear could prove deadly. The legal processes of checking in with my gun case involved many steps, including taking an assigned seat in the plane, introducing myself to the captain, and not drinking alcohol or sleeping mid flight. What did this have to do with Bad Guys? Well, even if I could not use a weapon- I had no ammo- as an awake, alert passenger, I made an excellent witness and backup. If the airline needed me beyond witness observations, they knew they could call on me for assistance. Do we have to wait until we are in the air to consider this format? Can’t we always be prepared to step in and help, to stop the Bad Guy? You do NOT have to fire your gun to overtake a circumstance, you DO, however, need to make sure your brain cells are firing.

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"I worked as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for over 14 years, in a firearms carrying capacity. First assigned to LAX (1994), then to the Los Angeles/ Long Beach Seaport (1997-2007), I took an early retirement from my final duty station of El Paso, TX (2007-2008). Never having handled firearms prior to this job, I give full credit for my initial shooting lessons and safe firearms handling skills to the government. As I began to compete, I gleaned tips and coaching lessons from the best law enforcement instructors across the nation, turning myself into one of the best, too. I was a firearms instructor in Los Angeles and a national level competitor on a formally sponsored team from 1999 through 2003, being sent all over the nation for pistol match competitions. As a result of this gift of an experience, I went on to set five national records in the law enforcement shooting sports. Check in regularly to read about those and other adventures and misadventures!"
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