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I am not as politically involved of a citizen as I could be. In my favor, I do maintain a basic, working knowledge of the laws and current events at hand. For example, I follow the rules of the road when I drive, I update my documents when needed: drivers license, concealed handgun license, passport, vehicle inspection stickers, etc. I vote. As an American, voting marks The Big One, as far as responsible citizenship goes. But, when I hear about our newest national circumstance of making all the illegal aliens suddenly, magically legal, my blood boils. I don’t know about you, but when my various grandparents came to this country, they did so with papers in hand. My sister, as keeper of the records, carefully stores all these treasures for the family. To think that today’s immigrants came to this country illegally and stayed that way, making every other action after that also illegal, and now this is suddenly erased, leaves me fuming. What about their legal counterparts? What about all the effort expended to make oneself a legal resident/ citizen? What about the amount of money it takes for all the steps and processes? Now, I say, the illegals-suddenly-legal get by without a moment’s effort or a dime spent and, really, a complete erasure of all actions illegal committed by them. Is the government going to pay back the law abiding immigrants for the time and expenses expended in following the law? Does the government realize how they thoroughly disrespect those immigrants who abided by the laws, rules and regulations? Maybe the illegals-now-legal should pay back, to each law abiding immigrants, the costs incurred to become a legal resident/ citizen. As for firearms, I wonder about the illegals and how, absent of documentation, acquiring guns on a totally illegal basis. Are they AND their weapons now legal? If the immigrant person now enjoys legal presence in the U.S. do their personal possessions enjoy automatic legal status as well? The legal persons, whether immigrant or natural citizen, then, who followed the law in acquiring a weapon, paying the fees, waiting the government directed waiting periods, enduring the background investigation scavenger hunt of one’s life, now stands next to someone with all that waived AND they get the stamp of “legal”. Blood boiling. Innards roiling. Intellect fried on this one. What do you all think?

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"I worked as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for over 14 years, in a firearms carrying capacity. First assigned to LAX (1994), then to the Los Angeles/ Long Beach Seaport (1997-2007), I took an early retirement from my final duty station of El Paso, TX (2007-2008). Never having handled firearms prior to this job, I give full credit for my initial shooting lessons and safe firearms handling skills to the government. As I began to compete, I gleaned tips and coaching lessons from the best law enforcement instructors across the nation, turning myself into one of the best, too. I was a firearms instructor in Los Angeles and a national level competitor on a formally sponsored team from 1999 through 2003, being sent all over the nation for pistol match competitions. As a result of this gift of an experience, I went on to set five national records in the law enforcement shooting sports. Check in regularly to read about those and other adventures and misadventures!"
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