Just Caulk My Tub Part 2

I finally got to finishing the caulking on my tubs. It took several tries and a return of product to the store. I really struggled with my initial attempt on the project, motivating myself into action by saying, “if it turns out badly, then rip it out and start all over.” I did not have to settle for a poor outcome. And, rip it out, I did. However frustrating this seemed initially, it reminded me of the summer of 2002. I practiced with my 6″ PPC 9mm semi- auto pistol with a determination that was almost crazed. I could not achieve the  desired results which were otherwise in direct proportion to the effort put in. I set my stance, breathed cleansingly to balance my weight, lower my shoulders and clear my vision. I gripped that gun to the point of my right hand finger nails putting dents into my left hand palm, but not to the point of making myself shake.  I locked my visual on the front sight and watched it pop up and float back down with the firing and recoil of each round. I pressed that trigger ever so consistently and with my finger print, not my finger tip, not my knuckle. When the round fired, I held these fine points for a hair of a breath of a second so as not to  disturb the gun as the bullet traveled down the muzzle of the gun. I repeated this round after round, box after box. And all I got was a shotgun spray. I was so frustrated I was ready  to quit. I went to the Nationals that September and performed exceptionally well with my 9mm. The problem turned out to be bad ammunition I had practiced with. All my practice was not for naught, but my frustration was. I finally remembered this when I caulked my tubs. Like bad ammunition, I had a bad tube of caulk! When I returned it and got a functioning product, I breezed through the project and was quite pleased with the outcome. The point is, give yourself a break! Sometimes it is not the shooter but a part in the gun that needs replacing, tuning up or cleaning. Sometimes it is a bad batch of ammo. If everything keeps going wrong while you are positive you are accurately executing the basic fundamentals, check these other options.


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"I worked as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for over 14 years, in a firearms carrying capacity. First assigned to LAX (1994), then to the Los Angeles/ Long Beach Seaport (1997-2007), I took an early retirement from my final duty station of El Paso, TX (2007-2008). Never having handled firearms prior to this job, I give full credit for my initial shooting lessons and safe firearms handling skills to the government. As I began to compete, I gleaned tips and coaching lessons from the best law enforcement instructors across the nation, turning myself into one of the best, too. I was a firearms instructor in Los Angeles and a national level competitor on a formally sponsored team from 1999 through 2003, being sent all over the nation for pistol match competitions. As a result of this gift of an experience, I went on to set five national records in the law enforcement shooting sports. Check in regularly to read about those and other adventures and misadventures!"
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