Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

competitive marksmanshipI recently spoke with a man from England. An avid arms collector, hunter, marksman, he had served for over 15 years in what is their country’s National Guard. It is called something else in the United Kingdom, but is would be akin to America’s National Guard. He maintained the family’s heirlooms of firearms, adding to the impressive collection, competing with rifle as his personal passion. It was his life, as competition once was mine. Each having our own stories, it all fell apart for both of us. For me, I suffered multiple work injuries causing  me to retire from competition and, ultimately from my job on a  medical disability retirement. For him, the law of the land impinged upon his private affairs.


I always knew England maintained strict firearm bands, but to hear the personal story of this man made me cringe. I think every news headline affects us mildly until we get personal affirmation of a circumstance. To hear from this man about the government of England holding the right to knock on your door and demand to inspect your firearms and paperwork and registration and then confiscate at will sounded horrifying. It actually sounded like a gestapo move of the Nazi’s knocking on doors demanding to search for and seize Jews. I was told, that in England, the authorities informed the gun toting populace that homes would be searched and firearms seized for the safety of the people, option being to voluntarily turn over all guns to said authorities for a bit of cash in hand. And so this man I spoke to owns not a single firearm not round of ammo any more.


This all happened before the turn of the 21st Century and it is still as blood curdling today as if it happened last weekend. I went through my Customs Firearms Instructor Certification School in Ft. Benning, GA in 2001. Part of our curriculum included Edged Weapons Training- knives. The example at hand was Brittain and how only the bad guys had guns! Law abiding citizens and even the Bobbies did not legally carry firearms. So, expert training of knives needed delivery so that the officers could try and defend themselves with a knife. Or, if the bad guy had not yet acquired a gun but brandished an edged weapon, the officer knew how to maneuver the bad guy with that weapon. As firearms instructors in the U.S. we underwent this same training which is good to know, important to master. But, please, never bring a knife to a gunfight.


Every right carries an inherent responsibility. America maintains the right to carry and bears arms. This great and fortunate right can best be maintained through knowing and upholding the law: buy and own and carry firearms legally. If we don’t use our rights we stand to lose them. Go buy a gun!!

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"I worked as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for over 14 years, in a firearms carrying capacity. First assigned to LAX (1994), then to the Los Angeles/ Long Beach Seaport (1997-2007), I took an early retirement from my final duty station of El Paso, TX (2007-2008). Never having handled firearms prior to this job, I give full credit for my initial shooting lessons and safe firearms handling skills to the government. As I began to compete, I gleaned tips and coaching lessons from the best law enforcement instructors across the nation, turning myself into one of the best, too. I was a firearms instructor in Los Angeles and a national level competitor on a formally sponsored team from 1999 through 2003, being sent all over the nation for pistol match competitions. As a result of this gift of an experience, I went on to set five national records in the law enforcement shooting sports. Check in regularly to read about those and other adventures and misadventures!"
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