Dog Saves Woman from catastrophic fires…

competitive marksmanshipYesterday morning, at 0330, my dog wakes me up. Not the norm, I notice the light flashing intermittently outside my second story bedroom window. In my partially asleep state, I consider that Goofy is not afraid of thunder or lightning. I do not hear sounds of summer storms. I get out of bed to check the skies. I see stars in their inky black setting. Then, I look straight across and see the fire. Who the hell holds a bonfire in our neighborhood park at three thirty in the morning? Oh, no bonfire, here, some idiot torched the kiddie play set- jungle gym structure. Not 50 yards from me, the fire burns right beyond my own back yard. I go downstairs to get the phone to call the fire department. As I wait for the connection, I mentally run down the statistics in order to give a full report: what do I see, who do I see, what do I hear, what do I smell. Spooked, I not only see no one, but I also do not see a single light turning on in anyone else’s home. Houses sit next to the blaze and right across the street, all even closer than my 50 yards. I connect with the dispatcher and no one else has called in the fire. Engines mobilize as we speak. I march upstairs to get a closer look at the scene, and from my balcony. I can feel the heat as I watch the arson event grow. Layers of mushrooming clouds billow into the sky, the flames follow with increasing heat. Do I need to evacuate? Do I stay and hose down my roof? While still on the line with dispatch, Time seems to stretch for hours. I hear the sirens whine their arrival. Watching the workers put out the fire, all the investigatory support vehicles pull up. Seeing these lights flash in my bedroom window brings comfort. In considering evacuating, I thought: dogs, purse, gun case. I never considered laptop, clothes, toothbrush, family photos. One spark, one spark blown over to my place and my world would end as I know it. Thank you, Goofy, you saved the whole wide world universe galaxy. Now to update my emergency preparedness plan. What is yours?

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"I worked as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for over 14 years, in a firearms carrying capacity. First assigned to LAX (1994), then to the Los Angeles/ Long Beach Seaport (1997-2007), I took an early retirement from my final duty station of El Paso, TX (2007-2008). Never having handled firearms prior to this job, I give full credit for my initial shooting lessons and safe firearms handling skills to the government. As I began to compete, I gleaned tips and coaching lessons from the best law enforcement instructors across the nation, turning myself into one of the best, too. I was a firearms instructor in Los Angeles and a national level competitor on a formally sponsored team from 1999 through 2003, being sent all over the nation for pistol match competitions. As a result of this gift of an experience, I went on to set five national records in the law enforcement shooting sports. Check in regularly to read about those and other adventures and misadventures!"
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