DOD Reverses Ban On Military Brass to Remanufactures

From: OCriugninnainl ghamM,e ssaMgaer k (HQ DLA)

Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 6:13 PM

To: (Tester)

Cc: Glover, Rebecca (HQ DLA)

Subject: FW: Small Arms Cartridge Cases


We received your March 17, 2009, letter on the recent reclassification

of small arms cartridges. Please advise whether the information

provided below will suffice in lieu of a written response which will

contain the same information.

The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS), a field

activity of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), is the Department of

Defense (DOD) activity responsible for the disposition of excess and

surplus DOD Property.

The primary focus of the DRMS mission is to protect national security

by ensuring property is properly identified for reutilization and

disposition and not released for public sale when to do so would

jeopardize national security.

During the past two years, DRMS revised its processes to further ensure

only appropriate items were made available for public sale. To

strengthen current controls and to mitigate future security risk, the

DOD issued policy that prohibits the sale of military unique items

controlled by the Department of State through its Munitions List.

Small arms cartridge cases are identified as a sensitive Munitions List

item and were held pending review of the policy relating to the

category of items in which cartridge cases were included. Upon review,

the Defense Logistics Agency has determined the cartridge cases could

be appropriately placed in a category of government property allowing

for their release for sale.

The DRMS sales contractor has been notified of this decision and has

begun the process of reoffering the cases that have been held pending

completion of the policy review. As was previously required, buyers

who purchase cartridge cases from the government must be approved to do

so under Trade Security Controls.



Mark Cunningham

Legislative Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency

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