“They” OWE me???

competitive marksmanshipWhere did we go quite so wrong? No one owes anybody anything, least of all our government to fully capable citizens. I thought that enjoying Rights inherently conveys the equal pairing of Responsibilities. We have lost that, somehow, somewhere, along the way. When I first got into competitive shooting, back in 1994, I earned $25,000. I was a new Inspector with the Customs Service at LAX, but this was more money than I had ever earned. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Raising two kids alone and budgeting living expenses in LA, I planned my paychecks very carefully. But no one owed me because I struggled financially; I simply had to keep working and I would earn more money. But what really got me was this supervisor at work who told me I couldn’t shoot PPC because I needed a special gun. The 6” bull barrel, the tall front sights and the adjustable sights made it impossible for me to master, he arrogantly assured me. “Oh, REALLY???,” I screamed back at him, in my head. Because of him and so many other people who told me I couldn’t, I only became more obstinant that I could and would. I would at least try. Tellling me NO, or YOU CAN’T is the sure fire way to get me going. I will try just to prove you wrong. Whatever I set my mind to, I can do. Anyone can. I truly believe this. We are capable, we are functioning human beings. What has happened to us? Light my ass on fire by telling me I cannot do something and I will prove you wrong. By the way, I went on to shoot PPC and set five national records in the law enforcement shooting sports. Guess I could, after all. What lights your fire? Get going. 

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